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Best Cartridge Razor for Close Shave – Smooth & Clean Shave

Cartridge RazorEveryone wants to close and perfect shaving for looking smart and sexy. So the importance of the best cartridge razor for close shave is bagger description.

Are you searching for The Best Cartridge Razors for Close Shaving? Here are the best guidelines for you. We arrange an excellent list to give you various information about the best cartridge razor. Each razor is easy to utilize, modest, cheap, well symbolic as well as long-lasting. Moreover, these are small in size. Despite its low weight, it gives the best controlling and sharp edge checking.

Women also can easily handle these razors because of having rubber grips on the handlebars. Also, use each body part besides the face. Another critical point is that everyone needs short time domination of using it. These razors are quite different from the other traditional single-blade razors.

In a word, cartridge razors have many praiseworthy features to give you a perfect shaving experience. So these razors will be the best choice for you.

Review List of The Best Cartridge Razor

  • #1. Gillette Mach3 Men’s Razor Blade Refills – Budget price
  • #2. Solimo 5-Blade Motion Sphere Razor for Men – Budget price
  • #3. Personna Men’s 5 Blade Razor System – Budget Price
  • #4. Dorco Pace 6 Plus Six Blade Razor System – Budget price
  • #5. Made For You by BIC Shaving Razor Blades for Men and Women – Budget price
  • #6. Gillette Fusion5 ProGlide Men’s Razor Blades 8 Cartridges – Budget price
  • #7. Schick Hydro 5 Sensitive Skin Razor – Budget Price

#1. Gillette Mach3 Men’s Razor Blade Refills

The Gillette Men’s Razor is our first product on this list. Now we give a short description of it. Gillette is a well-known brand. In a word, it has many excellent features; that’s why it has taken this first position.

First of all, this razor is more potent than other steel cutting edges in the market. Moreover, it stays sharper for a more extended period. Each refill is most capable of giving you perfect and comfortable performance until 15 times shaved.

It comes by adding three open-blade technologies to shave correctly and to wash easily. Also, it especially arranges a lubrication strip that gives you a smooth feeling in each shave. So it remains quite active to prevent any skin irritation. 

On the other hand, this cartridge razor is an excellent combination of advanced skin guard technology. So here, you need not be worried about sudden cutting. So, it will be the best razor for your daily use.


  • 3 Dura Comfort Blades 
  • Better than an expendable razor 
  • Lubrication Strip 
  • Advanced Skin Guard


Nowadays, Gillette Mach3 Men’s Razor is a fantastic product. You can easily imagine working activities based on its excellent features. Its skin guard function is quite suitable for shaving without hassles. Its lubrication strip also is helpful for skin moisture.

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#2. Solimo 5-Blade Motion Sphere Razor for Men

Now we briefly talk about Solimo 5-Blade Motion Sphere Razor. It is our second product on this list. It is also an excellent product in today’s market. If you want one handle and sixteen 5-blade razors in one package, this razor for you.

Firstly, this razor nicely adds Motion Sphere multi-axis pivot to tracking each contour of your face. Moreover, it comes in front of us by containing an anti-clog design for a quick rinse. On the other hand, that is used for shaving goatee, sideburns, and under the nose. 

Solimo Cartridge Razor’s handlebar nicely fits with Hypoallergenic lubricating strips containing Vitamin E. Everyone knows that Vitamin E is most helpful in giving moisture and protection from irritation of any skin. So one can use this razor as an alternative to high-praised razors.


  • Less Irritation 
  • Multi-Axis Pivot 
  • Anti-clog design
  • Great for Close Shave


Solimo 5-Blade Motion Sphere Razor is an excellent product. It gives you various shaving instruments. So it is great for close and perfect shaving. Its Motion Sphere multi-axis pivot is quite best for tracking the contours easily.

#3. Personna Men’s 5 Blade Razor System

Let us talk about Personna Men’s 5 Blade Razor System. It is an excellent product to give you shaving perfection. Personna is the first successful and popular company to introduce the safety razor in the US. It has achieved a lot of customer’s satisfaction with its perfect activities.

This razor comes with ceramic-coated blades, a pivoting shave head, and a trimmer blade. Moreover, this cartridge razor follows up with innovative and modern technology. It designed a lubrication strip to reduce friction and irritation after shaving. 

The razor handle is reusable. Also, its replacement razor blades are most helpful to shave correctly on delicate areas. The Personna Men’s 5-Blade Shaver Razor system has an enhanced soap bar also to improve cartridge balance.


  • 5 ceramic-coated blades
  • Ergonomic handle
  • Lubrication strip
  • Blades are of artistic solace


The Personna Men’s 5 Blade Razor is a popular and excellent cartridge razor in today’s market. Its useful features give you much shaving perfection. Five ceramic-coated blades, a pivoting shave head, and a trimmer blade are the most helpful shaving elements.

#4. Dorco Pace 6 Plus Six Blade Razor System

We add the Dorco Pace 6 Plus Six Blade Razor System as our best cartridge razor list. It has many useful features.

If you want a patented six-blade shaving platform, this generation of Dorco razor is for you. And all features are dermatologically tested to provide smooth shave with a single stroke. This cartridge razor works powerfully on your skin.  

The ergonomic handle with rubber grip prevents the razor from slipping. On the other hand, its pivoting head always maintains the closest contact with the various contours of your skin. 

It also has the wide Sleek Flow guard bar that helps a lot for close and comfortable shaving. Vitamin E & Aloe Vera on the Dual Smooth Shield lubrication strip is quite helpful for any skin type. 

You can enjoy a longer blade life with using this razor. Also, this razor is always top of wet-shaving technology. And last, of all, it arranges quick rinse technology also.


  • Six-edge include 
  • Ergonomic handle
  • Pivoting head
  • Sleek Flow guard bar
  • Longer blade life


Dorco Pace 6 Plus Six Blade Razor gives you longer blade life. Its Sleek Flow guard bar ensures a close and comfortable shaving. Moreover, you can use it best in wet conditions. After all, it is the right product at that range.

#5. Made For You by BIC Shaving Razor Blades for Men and Women

Now we give short information about BIC Shaving Razor Blades. It is a unique product that depends on its excellent performance.

This cartridge razor is built of BIC premium shaving blades for both men and women. Moreover, it is designed nicely to shave different body areas and hair textures effortlessly. 

This razor comes with five flexible blades for clean and perfect shaving. Another good point is that these blades are easy to rinse. Also, cartridges are interchangeable with any shaving handle. 

The Blade has a lubrication strip with Aloe Vera and Vitamin E. These ensure smooth shaving on your face, legs, chest, and underarms. An edging blade that is great for cleaning hard to reach areas like sideburns, under the nose, and bikini lines.


  • Five Flexible Blades 
  • Comfortable Glide 
  • Precision Shaving 
  • Good for various body parts
  • Lubrication strip with Aloe Vera and vitamin E


You can easily shave different body areas and hair textures effortlessly using BIC Shaving Razor Blades for Men and Women. It’s five flexible blades work on your skin wonderfully and give you a perfect shaving experience. Moreover, each blade is easily washable also.

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#6. Gillette Fusion5 ProGlide Men’s Razor Blades 8 Cartridges

We attach Gillette Fusion5 ProGlide Men’s Razor Blades 8 Cartridges in our list. This product is also suitable for the best shaving. 

If you want five anti-friction blades, then this type of razor is for you. Gillette Fusion5 ProGlide comes with Flex Ball technology. Moreover, that cartridge razor arranges Micro Combs that help to guide stubble of the blades. For best shaving performs, use the sensitive gel and flex ball technology with this product.

This precision trimmer is excellent for tracing hard-to-reach areas. That’s why you can style different types as you want. On the other hand, Enhanced Lubricant Strip gives you a gentle feeling with every cutting stroke. In this case, you can save a lot of money because one razor blade refill will last you up to 1 month of shaves.


  • Uses Thin , Fine Blades
  • A precision trimmer
  • Five anti-friction blades razor
  • Enhance Lubricant strip 
  • 1 razor blade refill = 1 month of shave

Decision :

Gillette Fusion5 ProGlide is another wonder of Gillette brand. Its five anti-friction blades razor works nicely on your skin without any hassles. And last, this razor is also suitable for all as it saves money.

#7. Schick Hydro 5 Sensitive Skin Razor

Last on the list we talk about The Micro Touch Triple-Blade Razor. It is also capable and active razor-like others in our best cartridge razor list.

First of all, this cartridge razor has quite an easy use system. It gives you expected technology that is important for sensitive skin. Moreover, it has a soft touch rubber for gripping ease.

It’s Premium designed with high-gloss collared chrome. On the other hand, its skin guard’s technology protects your skin from redness and irritation. 

This cartridge razor comes with instant lubricating protection that gives you a smooth and silky experience after shaving. Another good point is that all great features have been dermatologically tested.


  • Treated steel edges 
  • Non-stick surface 
  • Great for touchy skin 
  • Shaves easily at any point.
  • Easy use system


Schick Hydro 5 Sensitive Skin Razor  is our last wonder. Its skin guard’s technology protects your skin from redness and irritation, and that’s quite a useful feature. It offers easy to use technology for all.

People also ask

How To Choose The Best Cartridge Razor?

We need safety and a straight razor for shaving. Cartridge razor gives very close and clean shaving experience with minimal fuss. This type of razors give a very close shave without worry about big cuts.  


The price of a cartridge razor is not very high. But you have to pay extra money for changing the blades. It is very costly for those who shave regularly. For that, you need such a razor that blades give you a lot of shaving.


Some well-known razors give you a smooth shaving experience. Gillette and Schick are such brands very rich in quality and also give you long-lasting blades. You know that the best brands give you the best quality products.

Number Of Blade

If a razor has only one blade, then you can not get close and smooth shaving experience. Besides, one blade shaver also has a great chance of cutting face. So, it is very safe to choose 2 or 3 blades razor. Moreover, that type of razors give you very close and cut free smooth shave.

Lubrication Strips And Guards

The cartridge razor now comes with lubrication strips for giving you irritation-free shaving. But before buying you need to check the placement of those strips. Some razors have that before the blades, and some give that before and after. 

For sensitive skin, that type of razor gives you guards facilities. That gives you more extra protection.

Cartridge Razor VS. Safety Razor VS. Disposable Razor

In the above article, we discuss a lot about cartridge razor. Now we have to know about safety razors and a disposable razor.

Safety Razor

This type of razor is an evolution from the straight razor. The safety razor comes with a safety bar that gives a much safer shave than others. This type of razor is much more dangerous than a cartridge razor. But many people still use it very comfortably.

The safer razor has only one blade for shaving. But if you have habits, then you can efficiently operate that.

Disposable Razor

This type of razor is similar to a cartridge razor. The disposable razor also has multi-blades facilities. That razor gives you a few shaves, and then you have to throw it into the dustbin. The main thing about that razor is you can easily buy it from any place.


If you read the entire content, you can now select the best cartridge razor for close shave. The above products give you smooth and quality full shave. That razor also gives you cut free shaving experience. For a smooth shave, you have to use shaving cream. After shaving, you must use after shaving cream to neglect irritation.   

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