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Best Foil Shaver for Barbers- Professionals choice

Best Foil Shaver for barbersDo you tire to use stubborn stubble on your face? If so, then you will be happy to try the best kind of foil shaver. There are various kinds of foil shavers in today’s market. All of these create much confusion. So you have to work with intelligence when choosing the best one.

We know that buying the wrong kind of foil shaver will undoubtedly cause a lot of problems. That’s why everyone wants to purchases the best foil shaver. However, to choose the best one, first of all, important that check its features.

By considering all thing, we have made a gorgeous list of top foil shaver in the market. All of this shaver is relatively safe, amazing, wonderful, and perfect for all. If you are interested in buying the best foil shaver for yourself, then read our whole list and benefit yourself.

Foil Shaver for Barbers Recommended Product Table

Review List of the Best Foil Shaver for barbers

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  • #2. VIRO Rides Free-Style Hoverboard – Budget price
  • #3. JOLEGE Hoverboard – Budget price
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1. Braun Series 7 790cc-4 Electric Foil Shaver

Braun Electric Razor for Men, Series 7 790cc Electric Shaver with Precision...
  • Intelligent Sonic technology automatically increases power while shaving in difficult areas and on denser...
  • The Series 7 electric razor comes with an ActiveLift trimmer that captures flat-lying hairs in problem...
  • OptiFoil cuts hair as short as 0.05mm for perfect closeness
  • Synergized foil and blades give you a perfect shave with Series 7 razors

First of all, Braun Series 7 790cc-4 Electric Foil Shaver. It is quite a good and smart shaver. It adapts to your beard easily. Moreover, its four synchronized shaving elements shave in one stroke.

The Braun Series 7 790cc-4 Electric Foil Shaver comes with a Clean & Charge Station. It is well-known for its durability as well as other features. It comes with an Active Lift trimmer that captures flat-lying hairs. It has innovative sonic technology that helps capture even hard to catch hair.

Another good point is the intelligent Auto-Sensing motor.  It enables shaving even dense beards with excellent efficiency. Moreover, five turbo/sensitive Modes adjust the shaver very nicely for extra power.

You need only 1 hour to charge it fully. Additionally, it is a 100% waterproof shaver for easy cleaning. All of these features will help you much to achieve the desired shaving results.


  • Synergized foil and blades
  • Water-proof feature
  • Intelligent Auto Sensing motor.
  • Easy to clean


Nowadays the Braun 790cc-4 Electric Foil Shaver has gained most popularity. It shave skin very easily with a single stroke by its 4 synchronized shaving elements. This shaver is durable and gives you innovative sonic technology. And lastly, intelligent Auto Sensing motor makes it unique.

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2. Panasonic Arc3 Electric Shaver and Trimmer

Panasonic Electric Shaver and Trimmer for Men ES8103S Arc3, Wet/Dry with 3...
  • Sharp men’s shaver blades: Panasonic arc3 men's electric shaver with 3 ultra-sharp nanotech blades and...
  • Wet/dry electric shaver and trimmer 2 in 1: Build-in pop up trimmer details mustaches, beards and...
  • Flexible pivoting head: Panasonic flexible pivoting electric shaver head glides effortlessly to trace the...
  • High performance motor with a linear drive: This Panasonic shaver is equipped with a linear motor which...

Panasonic electric shaver comes with three ultra-sharp nanotech blades and ultra-thin arc foil. It follows facial contours for a close and comfortable shave. So it will be the best foil shaver for you because of its excellent features.

This foil shaver has a flexible pivoting head, and that’s quite effective for best shaving. Its adjustable head glides effortlessly to trace the face, chin, neck, and jaw’s contours. Moreover, it comes with a High-performance motor with a linear drive.

It offers an LCD battery indicator and sonic cleaning. Its 10 stage LCD indicator alerts you about battery status at a glance. And, its sonic vibration cleaning mode removes stubble effortlessly.

It is a waterproof shaver so that it can be used in Wet or dry conditions. Therefore, Salons are also satisfied to use this excellent shaver. I hope that you will be benefited from this foil shavers.


  • Ultra-sharp Nanotech blades
  • Ultra-thin Arc foil
  • Flexible pivoting head
  • Clean and close shave results


The Panasonic Arc3 is a fantastic Foil Shaver in today’s market. Its most essential features are Ultra-sharp nanotech blades and ultra-thin arc foil. However, its flexible heads also play an influential role. Additionally, its sonic vibration cleaning modes quite helpful for your best shaving.

3. Braun Series 3 Proskin 3040s Electric Razor

Braun Electric Razor for Men, Series 3 3040s Electric Shaver with Precision...
  • 3 pressure-sensitive shaving elements for efficiency and skin comfort
  • Specialized micro comb captures more hair in each stroke* versus Braun Series 3. Tested on 3 day beard
  • 2 rechargeable long-life NiMH batteries
  • Wet&dry shaver for use with water, foam or gel

If you want a durable and practical foil shaver for a close shave, then this item will be favorable for you. This foil shaver is also good like others.

It gives you three pressure-sensitive shaving elements for a comfortable shaving experience. Moreover, its specialized Micro Comb able to captures more hair in each stroke. It is a Durable cordless electric shaver also.

It has such unique features that you must be love this product. These are Triple Action Cutting System, 2x Sensor Foil, and Middle trimmer. Undoubtedly, it will give you perfect and close shaving results.

This shaver waterproof, so it applicable to use with water, foam, or gel. It contains two rechargeable long-life NiMH batteries. So it may be the best product for you.


  • Rechargeable and cordless feature
  • Easy clean
  • Water-proof feature
  • Triple Action Cutting System.


The Braun Series 3 Proskin 3040s is a durable and excellent foil shaver. Its micro comb facilities are quite useful. Moreover, its Triple Action Cutting System gives you the best shaving experience. However, you will love its offered features despite a slight flaw.

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4. Elezenioc Electric Razor for Men Wet & Dry Cordless Foil Shaver

Electric Razor for Men Wet & Dry Cordless Foil Shaver Rechargeable with...
  • 🤵【Close and Smooth Shaving】 - Electric razor for men is equipped with triple sharp blades to cut...
  • 🤵【Wet & Dry Shaving Fully Washable】 - 100% waterproof electric razor body is fully washable,...
  • 🤵【High Performance & Efficient】 - Advanced megnetic linear motor operates at 14,000 cycles per...
  • 🤵【Digital Battery Indicator & Li-ion Battery】 - The electric shaver boasts a useful digital LCD...

Now we give short information about another excellent foil shaver. Elezenioc Electric Razor is well-known for its superb features. An important part is its advanced magnetics linear motor that operates at 14,000 cycles per minute.

This foil shaver offers you many facilities. Such as dual sharp blades to cut dense beards, three flexible thin foil, as well as Ipx6. All of these give you much shaving perfection.

It offers a different accessible pop-up trimmer on the back. And undoubtedly, it is a useful feature of the best foil shaver. You should consider this point when searching for the best foil shaver.


  • Has 3 flexible thin foil
  • Advanced magnetics linear motor
  • Extra accessible pop-up trimmer
  • Waterproof


If you choose the Electric Razor for Men Wet & Dry Cordless Foil Shaver, you will be free from the anxiety of getting close shaving. Because it is a fantastic product depend on its excellent features. It offers an advanced magnetics linear motor, dual sharp blades, and flexible foil thin, perfect.

5. Panasonic Arc5 Electric Razor

Panasonic Arc5 Electric Razor, Men's 5-Blade Cordless with Shave Sensor...
  • Sharp men’s shaver blades: Panasonic Arc5 men's electric shaver with five ultra-sharp precision honed...
  • Wet/Dry electric shaver and trimmer 2 in 1: Built-in pop up trimmer details mustaches, beards and...
  • Multi Flex pivoting head: Panasonic flexible pivoting electric shaver head glides effortlessly to trace...
  • High performance motor with a linear drive: This Panasonic shaver is equipped with a linear motor which...

Nowadays, tons of branded foil shavers in the market. To find out the correct foil shaver, first of all, check its features. Now let’s discuss Panasonic Arc5 Electric Razor.

Panasonic Arc5 is an excellent combination of incredible features. Such as five ultra-sharp precision-honed 30° Nanotech blades and ultra-thin Arc foil. Moreover, it attaches sensor monitors nicely. However, its extraordinary features will give you more detailed mustaches, beards, and sideburns results.


  • Ultra-sharp precision-honed blades
  • Ideal for precise sideburn cuts
  • Will give you a close shave
  • Ultra-thin Arc foil.


Panasonic Arc5 Electric Razor is an excellent product that ensures your perfect shaving. It has many praiseworthy features.  Undoubtedly its five ultra-sharp precision-honed blades and ultra-thin arc foil will full-fill your shaving desire.

6. SUPRENT Electric Foil Shaver

SUPRENT Electric Foil Shaver 4-Blade Electric Razor for Men,Shaver with Lithium...
  • 【ELECTRIC RAZOR FOR MEN】:Independently floating 3-blades system, 3 blades float independently, follow...
  • 【420 STAINLESS-STEEL GERMAN SURGICAL BLADE】: Choose 420 stainless-steel surgical blade imported from...
  • 【HIGH-CAPACITY LITHIUM-ION BATTERY】: Built-in rechargeable lithium-ion battery, it provides 70...
  • 【SAFE TRAVEL LOCK】: Unique slide lock switch avoids effectively travel misoperation. Press the button...

If you need a close shave, you can depend on this electric foil shaver. The SUPRENT Electric Razor is not only good for its durability but also good for its bold features.

This foil shaver offers you 420 stainless-steel surgical blades. The shape of this blade is skin-friendly, so it shaves your skin without stubble. Moreover, it has a floating 3-blades system that follows all facial contours, even jaw, and neck.

It comes with a rechargeable lithium-ion battery. Moreover, it gives continuous runtime of 70 minutes on just a single charge. So you will be benefiting from its high capacity lithium-ion battery.

Last of all, it arranges a unique slide lock switch that avoids travel misoperation. So this shaver is convenient and a trip safer. You can acquire a 4-blade foil shaver, a charger, a clean brush, a user manual, and friendly customer service.


  • Made from 420 stainless-steel surgical blade
  • Easy to clean
  • Has built-in rechargeable lithium-ion battery
  • Floating 3-blades system.


The SUPRENT Electric best Foil Shaver for barbers is another wonderful product. It contains 420 stainless-steel surgical blade that’s quite durable. However each elements of this foil shaver is skin friendly.  Hope that, you will still love its features and gain best shaving results.

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7. Remington F5-5800 Foil Shaver

Remington F5-5800 Foil Shaver, Men's Electric Razor, Electric Shaver, Black
  • Pivot and Flex Foil Technology Stays close to skin for smooth results
  • Rechargeable battery 60 minutes of cordless runtime.To clean the external surfaces of the shaver, use a...
  • Pop up Detail Trimmer For finishing touches on your facial hair and sideburns
  • Easy to Clean Washable under the faucet; Charging time 2 hours; Voltage: Worldwide

There are many kinds of foil shaver in today’s market. Moreover, if you a newbie, choosing the correct one can be difficult for you. Let’s talk about a fantastic foil shaver.

The Remington F5-5800 Foil Shaver is well known for its durability well as other useful features. It has a great combination of Pivot and Flex Foil Technology.  These stay close to the skin for smooth shaving results. Also, it arranges a pop-up detail trimmer that touches on your facial hair and sideburns.

It offers rechargeable battery facilities and 60 minutes of cordless runtime on a single charge. On the other hand, this electric shaver is washable and can be cleaned very easily.

It is quite popular with regular customers as well as in salons. It has Intercept Shaving Technology that easily Pre trims longer hairs. However, you will undoubtedly benefit from its unique features at the time of using.


  • Durable and washable also
  • Rechargeable Battery
  • Ideal for salon use as well
  • Pivot and Flex Foil technological


Nowadays, Remington F5-5800 Foil Shaver is most popular like other products. It nicely arranges Pivot and Flex Foil Technology for giving you the best shaving experience. I hope that you will enjoy its unique features.

8. Wahl Life Proof Foil Shavers

Wahl Lifeproof Lithium Ion Foil Shaver – Waterproof Rechargeable Electric...
  • Power & Convenience - This travel-friendly rechargeable wet/dry electric shaver is shower & waterproof up...
  • Lithium Ion Power - Featuring a lithium-ion battery that boasts a 90-minute run time for a charge time of...
  • Advanced Foil Technology – Flexible foils move with you, providing a more comfortable shave, our...
  • A Smooth Shave Every Time - Wahl clippers, trimmers, & shavers are available in a variety of styles to...

Last, of all, we emphasize Wahl Life Proof Foil Shavers. This shaver follows advanced foil technology. And this flexible foil pattern provides more comfortable and smooth shaves.

The Wahl foil shaver nicely attaches flexible foil cutters & a Pivot head for giving a perfect shave. So it will provide you with a smooth shave every time. However, this shaver is a travel-friendly, rechargeable, waterproof foil shaver for you.

It features a lithium-ion battery that provides a 90-minute runtime on a single charge. Plus, it offers you a 5-Minute quick charge option when you need fast shaving. Here you can get an LED charging light also. That’s why this Wahl shaver can be a unique shaver to meet your home haircutting needs.

Therefore, this shaver has a high impact, shock resistant, dual foil rechargeable lithium-ion waterproof feature that’s quite great. So it is also ideal for personal use and a gift during birthdays, anniversaries, and even holidays.


  • Durable
  • Has Rechargeable Battery
  • Ideal for salon use as well
  • Flexible foils pattern.


Wahl Life Proof is an enjoying foil shaver for you. It is following advanced foil technology to give you a perfect shaving result.  Also, it offers you a LED charging light. Hope that, you will love its offered features despite a slight flaw.


Here are some frequently asked questions.

What’s the best electric shaver?

Answer: It is a complicated question for us. That depends on your choice. All the products above the article are good at their price range.

Before buying, you have to consider the price, features, and beard thickness. Beard thickness is no one priority because a thicker beard needs an advanced quality product.

The above content helps you to choose the best one for you. So, read all the information on the content. Please don’t miss any words of the above content.

What’s better, foil or rotary?

Answer: In the market, both foil shaver and rotary are popular. But foil is getting more popular because the leading brands Braun and Panasonic, produce foil systems. However, Philips Norelco and Remington models have rotary designs. The users of those two products give excellent reviews about rotary design.

Some users say that foil design helps to shave comfortably over sensitive skin. Besides, some users also stated that rotary design allows shaving easily over the neck area. Now, it is your personal opinion which you buy. Both methods are better for daily use.

Are cleaning stations really worth it?

Answer: This is a luxury item that gives with or not with the trimmer. Some companies give it with a shaver, and some don’t. You can buy it from the shop.

But the problem is you need to spend $5 per month to maintain a cleaning station. The cost can reduce if you don’t use the shaver regularly.

Are electric shavers better than disposable razors?

Answer: It also depends on you. Both are valuable and also usable. If you use an electric foil shaver for men, you have to buy it at a higher cost than a disposable razor. But another view, you don’t need to change the blade regularly in an electric shaver. You have to clean it.

If you use a disposable razor, then you need shaving cream which is also an extra cost. Moreover, there is also a great chance of a facial cut by that type of razor. Besides, you do not need to worry when you use an electric shaver.

What’s recommended for sensitive skin?

Answer: All the above shavers are suggested for sensitive skin. You can use them easily and also can shave comfortably. The electric foil shaver for men includes a lot of features for ensuring a comfortable shave.

The above shavers are very careful about your skin and automatically adjust motion.

Final conclusion:

The whole content is about the Best Foil Shaver for barbers. From the above article, you understand which product is mainly for you. We try to give you the best information about the best foil shaver. You read that all produce a lot of features. You need to select any one of them for you.

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