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Essential Oils Steamer – Enjoy Smooth Device

We are huge fans of essential oils and use them regularly in household cleaners. We often asked if you can use essential oils in a steamer. Additionally, it can add a light scent to your clothes. However, essential oilit should not be used in your steamer. Moreover, they are not soluble in water and do not evaporate in steam. Besides, oils can build up in your vaporizer and clog it. However, that could shorten the life of your vaporizer.

Moreover, you cannot add anything to your steamer except distilled water or the occasional white vinegar. Besides, you can use essential oils in the water tank of your vaporizer. However, you risk damage and / or oil build-up in the kettle.

Manufacturer Advice on Using Essential Oil in Clothes Steamers

Conair Steamers

Conair claims that salt, bleach, or dye can corrode or clog the interior of its steamers. Moreover, There isn’t any specific advice about using essential oils in your vaporizers. However, we also wouldn’t recommend it.

Rowenta Steamers

Rowenta recommends not adding any additives that condense on heat. Moreover, it also includes essential oils, similar to a Rowenta steamer. However, the effects can be brown water droplets. Additionally, the water splashes and premature aging of the steamer.

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PurSteam Garment Steamers

Our team asked PurSteam Steamers for their advice not to use essential oils in their steamers. However, PurSteam reported that this can reduce the “efficiency” of the vaporizer.

Steam and Go Steamers

Steam and Go advises that you do not use perfumes, essential oils, salts, or additives of any kind in your vapors.

Can You Use Ironing Water in a Clothing Steamer?

The ironing water should be sprayed directly onto clothing. Moreover, you do not put ironing water in the steamer. However, most ironing waters contain essential oils. Although the amount of essential oils in ironing water is much lower. Moreover, it could still damage your steamers.

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Can You Use Fabric Softener in a Clothing Steamer?

Fabric softener should not be mixed with water and placed in the clothes steamer. Moreover, you can use only distilled water. Besides, a fabric softener scent would be nice. However, it could also damage your steamer. Additionally, you can make your own laundry spray by mixing fabric softener.

However, pour it into a spray bottle. Besides, shake well and make sure that the fabric softener is well mixed with the water. Moreover, lightly spray your clothing with the mixture before steaming. However, do not use fabric softener too harshly. Moreover, some fabrics can get stained from direct contact with fabric softener.

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What Water Should I Use in My Clothing Steamer?

Steaming is a great way to freshen up clothes in between laundries or dry cleaners. However, If you find that the armpit area of ​​your clothes has an odor. Then try a mixture of distilled water and white vinegar. That is generally 50/50 of each product. Moreover, mix it in a spray bottle and spray directly on your clothing, followed by steam. 

Moreover, having vodka at home will also help get rid of lingering odors. Besides, mix 1/4 cup of vodka and 1/4 cup of distilled water depending on the area of ​​fabric you need to steam. However, do not put them on clothing in the steamer. Moreover, proceed with a good steaming and the strange smells will go away! Besides, alcohol helps disinfect without leaving a vodka smell on your clothes.

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