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Top 5 Imoto Hoverboard Review of 2021

Imoto HoverboardImoto is one of the new Hoverboard devices now available in today’s market. The manufacturing company saw many hoverboards fall in necessary safety tests. Also, catching on fire, and selling with duplicate advertising. After that, they want to do something about that. So, they created a new brand for hoverboards. And made the Imoto Hoverboard available in the market. 

Most companies have one hoverboard model available with two colour variants. But Imoto, Hoverboard has two different models with Fifty colour variants. So, you can choose any of them. For your help, we make the Imoto Hoverboard Review

Imoto Hoverboard Recommended Product Table

List Of Top 5 Imoto Hoverboard Review In 2021

  • #1. FLYING-ANT Hoverboard – Budget price
  • #2. EPCTEK Hoverboard – Budget price
  • #3. EverCross Hoverboard – Budget price
  • #4. JOLEGE Hoverboard – Budget price
  • #5. UNI-SUN Self Balancing Hoverboard – Budget price

#1. FLYING-ANT Hoverboard

FLYING-ANT Hoverboard, Hoverboard with Bluetooth and LED Lights Self Balancing...
  • ☆RIDE WITH SAFETY: Comply with U.S safety regulations.Easy to learn,there is nothing more extraordinary...
  • ☆FLASHING WHEELS: 6.5 inch two wheels hoverboards with color light, light up your world at sunset.
  • ☆HIGH-STANDARD QUALITY: Professional gyroscopes, acceleration sensors and motherboard, our hoverboard...
  • ☆BLUETOOTH SPEAKER: These hoverboard for kids built-in wireless speaker can be easily connected to...

The FLYING-ANT Hoverboard comes with U.S safety regulations. That Imoto Hoverboard is very easy to learn. Additionally, they don’t use any special functions. Besides, this Hoverboard device has 6.5 inches large two wheels. Moreover, that device also has a lot of lights used for night time. Those lights make your rides colourful at the time of sunset. 

That Imoto Hoverboard also has professional gyroscopes, acceleration sensors, and motherboard. Those features help you to experience a smooth and stable ride. Moreover, This device also has Bluetooth speakers. That can easily connect with any portable device. Additionally, You can enjoy music or any book without using any headphones. Again, this Hoverboard has seven different colours and varieties. That is durable and usable.


  • U.S safety regulations
  • 6.5 inch large two wheels
  • Professional gyroscopes, acceleration sensors and motherboard
  • Bluetooth speakers

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#2. EPCTEK Hoverboard

EPCTEK Hoverboard, 6.5 inch Selfing Balancing Scooter with Bluetooth Speaker for...
  • ▶▶SAFETY CERTIFIED: Hoverboard electrical, battery and charger system tested & certified to UL 2272...
  • ▶▶LED FEATURE & BLUETOOTH MUSIC: The LED lights will make you safe in dark place, you can connect...
  • ▶▶PERFORMANCE: 6.5" high quality rubber tires, non-slip footpads allow you to keep stability and...
  • ▶▶FUN FOR ALL RIDERS: Self balancing technology of the hover board makes it easier and safer for...

EPCTEK Hoverboard is also a self-balancing Hoverboard. This Imoto Hoverboard is also UL2272 Certified for children’s use. Moreover, this Hoverboard electrical, battery, and charger system has been tested & certified. So, that device is safe and stable. Additionally, this device also comes with LED lights. That helps you in dark places. Also, you can enjoy music while riding the Imoto Hoverboard. The Hoverboard also has Bluetooth speakers.

The Hoverboard comes with 6.5″ high-quality rubber tires and non-slip footpads. That device helps you get stable and tractional riding. So, you can easily maintain the balance of that device. Self-balancing technology is more comfortable and safer for beginners.


  • UL2272 Certified
  • 6.5″ high-quality rubber tires
  • LED lights
  • Self-balancing technology

#3. EverCross Hoverboard

EVERCROSS Hoverboard, Self Balancing Scooter Hoverboard with Seat Attachment,...
  • HOVERBOARD FOR ADULTS & KIDS - Equipped with a high-end battery for cruising range up to 7-10 miles,...
  • HOVERBOARD BLUETOOTH SPEAKER & GLOW WHEELS & LED LIGHTS - Hoverboard born with the 2020 newest design,...
  • HOVERBOARD + COMFTABLE SEAT ATTACHMENT - The adult hoverboard equipped with four 4th generation gyro...
  • ADVANCED SELF BALANCE SYSTERM - The built-in gyroscope stabilization system and powerful self-balancing...

EverCross Hoverboard comes with a high-end battery for cruising range up to 7-10 miles. That Imoto Hoverboard also has two 350W engines. Besides, this device can bear a maximum 220lbs load and speed up to 10-15KM/H. Additionally, the Hoverboard provides you with two dynamic and attractive LED lights. The feature helps you to ride at night and in dark places. 

Moreover, it also comes with stereo speakers. So you can enjoy music while riding. This advanced Hoverboard has 4th generation gyro sensors that provide you with safe driving. The EverCross hoverboard seat attachment is also a fantastic feature for kids and even for adults.

Besides, this Hoverboard is made with a gyroscope stabilization system and a Self-balancing system. The design makes this device more easy and comfortable for novices and professional riders. It is also a very flexible device. So, you can move forward & backwards, turn around, rotate for 360°and maintain balance. It is made with 6.5″ solid tires and slips free pedals. Additionally, it has integrated battery overload protection and an engine safety control system.


  • 6.5″ solid tires and non-slip pedals
  • 4th generation gyro sensors
  • Speed up to 10-15KM/H
  • Move forward & backwards, turn around, rotate for 360°
  • Seat attachment

#4. JOLEGE Hoverboard

JOLEGE Self Balancing Hoverboard, 6.5" Hoverboards Self Balancing Scooter for...
  • ▶STRONG FUNCTIONALITY - Enjoy the hoverboard with speed of up to 6mph by powerful Dual 300W Motors.
  • ▶SELF BALANCE SYSTEM - Quick learning system and powerful self-balancing feature would allow you become...
  • ▶SAFETY - SGS certified battery can make sure all electrical systems and components maintain safety...
  • ▶MOST WONDERFUL GITFS - With its basic delight feature design, it becomes a super funny toys or gifts...

JOLEGE Hoverboard is the most potent self-balancing device. So, you can learn about that device only in 5 minutes. We can say that you can enjoy that device while riding it. The JOLEGE Imoto Hoverboard is mainly designed for beginners and hobbyists. You can go straight, rotate and rotate 360 degrees. This device is effortless to learn and ride so that anybody can ride it easily. 

That Hoverboard provides you with 2 LED flash wheels. And 2 LED front headlights for night driving. The rubber tires help you to ride comfortably. The pedal of that device is designed for slip-resistant riding and to avoid falling. The UL 2272 certified battery supports all electrical systems. Additionally, components maintain safety standards.


  • Easy to learn and ride
  • 2 LED flash wheels and 2 LED front headlights
  • UL 2272 certified battery
  • Slip-resistant riding

#5. UNI-SUN Self Balancing Hoverboard

UNI-SUN Chrome Hoverboard for Kids Two-Wheel Self Balancing Bluetooth Hoverboard...
  • ▶▶SAFETY CERTIFIED: Hoverboard electrical, battery certified to safety standards - safe and stable,...
  • ▶▶LED FEATURE & BLUETOOTH MUSIC: The LED lights will make you safe in the darkness, you can enjoy...
  • ▶▶PERFORMANCE: High quality rubber tires, non-slip footpads allow you to keep stability and traction....
  • ▶▶FUN FOR ALL RIDERS: Equipped withsmart self balancing technology, the hoverboard makes it easier...

The UNI-SUN Self Balancing Hoverboard electrical, battery certified to UL 2272. So, you can easily maintain the device and also use that comfortably. That Imoto Hoverboard also provides LED lights for riding in darkness. Moreover, this device also has Bluetooth speakers so that you can enjoy music through it. 

Additionally, the Imoto Hoverboard gives you high-quality rubber tires and non-slip footpads. Easy to maintain balance and safety. Self-balancing technology is more comfortable and safer for beginners.


  • Certified to UL 2272
  • LED lights for riding in darkness
  • Bluetooth speakers
  • Self-balancing technology
  • High-quality rubber tires

Imoto Hoverboard Review

Imoto Hoverboard is the new invention of the new company. They try to make a different product and useful products for consumers. You can efficiently operate it without other help. But it isn’t available in the nearest market. So you have to buy it from the online market. The AMAZON is the trusted online shop today.

(1) Price and Reviews

The iMOTO Hoverboard is a useful and vert usable electric vehicle. Now coming to the price of those devices, you can click the above links. You can directly know the exact price from AMAZON. Moreover, you can get other details from there. However, we give you all detailed reviews with the product’s name.

(2) Customer Reviews

FLYING-ANT Hoverboard got 4.3 out of 5 customer reviews. EPCTEK Hoverboard got 4.5 out of 5. Besides, EverCross Hoverboard got 4.3 out of 5, and JOLEGE Hoverboard got 4.5 out of 5. The last IMOTO Hoverboard is UNI-SUN Self Balancing Hoverboard that got 4.2 out of 5.

(3) Color

It is the central part of any product because of branding and marketing, the first impression of the customer’s fact. Attractive colours of the products help in that unit. IMOTO Hoverboard also comes in a lot of colours. If you need unique colours, you have to go to AMAZON to check your desired colour availability.

(4) Performance & Durability

People need a product which gives long-lasting performance. So, before buying an Imoto Hoverboard, you must check the performance and durability. Moreover, you must read the details feature from our website. And also check AMAZON. Our team and we always suggested the best one for you. So, you can trust our team, and we will help you.

(5) Top-Notch Features

The iMOTO hoverboard gives you lack-free performance. You can get a maximum of 10 miles per hour speed. So, young boys or girls, adults can easily ride it. Moreover, you can ride a maximum of 10 miles on a single charge. That device also has LED headlights, and some are switch light with music. You also get Bluetooth support from that device. Also, you can carry it into a caring bag.

(6) Warranty and Support

iMoto Hoverboard is a US-based local company out of New York. So, you get the excellent quality of the product. It is not cheaply made and shipped from China. The company gives you a 6-month warranty. Besides, they give you a month-long no questions asked return policy. Moreover, if you don’t like the board, they return it and refund all your money.


The iMOTO Hoverboard is readily usable for short distances. Moreover, all the above products are best at their range. Also, the above hoverboards have excellent reviews out of 5. Additionally, customer reviews also help you to choose one for you. The quality of the product above there is outstanding.

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