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Jiffy Steamer Cleaner – Use and Enjoy 

Jiffy steamer comes with a lot of new facilities. Moreover, the main advantage of that device is that it lasts for a long time. Besides, that device gives you a worthy investment. However, if you want a device that gives you longer lasting facilities then Jiffy steamer is that type of device. 

Moreover, if we come to the point of cleaning then it gives you two ways. However, you can clean the device by using vinegar and distilled water solution or using jiffy cleaner solution. Additionally, the second one is highly recommended because that is made by the company. Moreover, that pre-made solution is only for a particular device.

How to Clean a Jiffy Steamer with Vinegar

Switch off the Jiffy vaporizer and pull the plug out of the socket. Moreover, let the steamer cool down for at least 60 minutes after use. However, after the steamer has cooled down, drain the remaining water from the boiler. Additionally, fill the water tank with 50% white wine vinegar and 50% distilled water (up to the maximum fill line). 

After that, reconnect the steam flow and turn on the steam. Moreover, turn on the Jiffy Steamer until approximately 50% of the vinegar solution has evaporated. However, switch off the steamer and allow the remaining vinegar solution to settle in the tank. Moreover, empty the water tank from the remaining vinegar and distilled water solution. However, I recommend pouring the remaining water into your garden, especially if you have plants that love acidic soils like rhododendrons, gardenias, or azaleas. 

Partially, fill the water chamber with distilled water, reconnect the steamer and turn it on. Additionally, check if you are steaming efficiently now. Moreover, if not, you may have to repeat the process. Alternatively, you can buy the steamer solution. Besides, Jiffy liquid (available here on Amazon) that works perfectly on your Jiffy steamer. 

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Advice from Jiffy About Cleaning With Vinegar

Jiffy has issued specific advice on cleaning your fumes with vinegar. Moreover, we consent to salt, bleach, fragrances and dyes. However, does the vinegar corrode or clog an internal part? We are not sure. However, we are not chemical specialists. Moreover, we can’t comment on the validity of this statement, only that other vaporizer manufacturers recommend cleaning their vaporizers with vinegar. 

Moreover, we can not help but think that Jiffy would like you to buy her cleaning solution. Therefore, our team highly recommends her against vinegar. That’s just our speculative opinion. However, if you have any concerns about the use of vinegar to void your warranty, contact Jiffy first.

Using Jiffy Steamer Liquid Cleaner

Jiffy creates a solution especially for steam ovens. Moreover, you can find it here on Amazon and also at the link above. However, it is more profitable to buy in a 3-pack (you get a free bottle compared to buying it individually). 

Moreover, unlike the white vinegar and water solution, Jiffy Liquid Cleaner is not suitable for use when the steamer is running. Besides, the steps to clean your Jiffy Steamer differ depending on the model you own. However, we have broken it down into two step-by-step guides below.

Jiffy Steamer Liquid Cleaner (3 Pack) by Jiffy Steamer
  • Country Of Origin: China
  • Model Number: 9012-3
  • Item Package Dimension: 8.0" L x 8.0" W x 8.0" H
  • Item Package Weight: 4.0 lb

Cleaning Jiffy J1, J2 and J2000 Models

Firstly, transfer off the Jiffy vaporizer and unplug it. Besides, eliminate the hose becoming and the water chamber from the tool. Moreover, discard the final water.  However, set the hose connector apart; We’ll smooth it once more later. 

Moreover, take your gloves and, in case you put on them, eye safety and a mask. Besides, the Jiffy vapor answer is acid primarily based totally so be careful. Additionally, the use of a bottle packed with Jiffy Liquid Vapor cleaner, pour the answer into the water beaker. That the vicinity wherein you generally positioned the water bottle to your vaporizer. 

However, Jiffy recommends leaving it on for 2-three hours. Moreover, the longer you depart from the answer, the extra time you need to act. However, at the same time as the answer is working, go back to the steam hose which you disconnected earlier. Besides, use your lawn hose to run smooth water thru the steam hose to eliminate particles or particles. Moreover, set the hose apart to dry. 

However, while you need to empty the Jiffy cleansing answer from the steamer, pour it into the water lid. Additionally, that pour withinside the equal vicinity you positioned it in. Besides, you should tilt the vaporizer to and fro to eliminate all the liquid. However, rinse the tool very well with the aid of rinsing it with sparkling water 23 times. 

Moreover, if discolored water or dust nevertheless seems from the product, you may want to copy the above procedure. However, in intense instances or if the steamer nevertheless does now no longer paintings after cleansing. Additionally, it can want to be dismantled. Besides, to do this, you want a licensed workshop or a Jiffy carrier technician.

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Cleaning Jiffy J3, J4 and J4000 Models

However, make certain your Jiffy steamer is turned off. Additionally, unplugged from the wall socket and cold. Moreover, disconnect the hose of your Jiffy steamer from the unit. Besides, keep this aside, as we are able to come again to smooth this later. Moreover, pour out any last water that becomes for your Jiffy steamer.

However, fill your Jiffy steamer with one gallon of water. Moreover, pour the complete bottle of Jiffy steamer liquid cleanser into the water tank. Besides, plug the steamer again in and flip the steamer directly to PREHEAT. However, when the pink pilot mild turns off this can suggest the cease of the preheat cycle. Therefore, switch off the steamer and unplug it from the wall socket.

However, Jiffy endorses it for 3 hours. Moreover, whilst the answer is sitting inside the steamer. Additionally, take the steamer hose out of doors and rinse out the use of your lawn hose. However, this ought to assist to do away with any sediment or increase within the hose.

Moreover, when you’re prepared to drain your Jiffy steamer, pour the water out of the identical. However, to become where in the hose commonly connects. Therefore, rinse the unit very well with the aid of using flushing with clean water 2 to a few times. Moreover, if discoloured water or residue maintains to return back from the unit. Additionally, the above technique might also additionally want to be repeated.

In intense instances or if the steamer remains now no longer running after cleaning. Additionally, disassembling the steamer can be required. However, you will want a licensed repairer or Jiffy provider technician for this.

The Jiffy steam answer isn’t meant to be used in the steam hose or steam nozzle. However, do now no longer run your Jiffy steamer with the answer inside. Besides, other than the use of the preheat function. Moreover, steaming the answer should motivate harm in your steamer. In addition, as an acid primarily based totally on the answer, breathing within the vapor isn’t ideal.

Cleaning the Jiffy Esteam Handheld Steamer

However, if you’ve got a Jiffy hand-held steamer or tour steamer, in any other case called the Jiffy ESTEAM. So, you could additionally use the Jiffy cleanser method to descale this. Moreover, rather than periodically descaling, Jiffy proposes cleansing the hand held steamer as quickly. Besides, as you start to see calcium scale building up withinside the backside of the steamer.

As a smaller steamer, you’ll want to apply 1/2 of the bottle of cleansing water. Then observe those instructions:

First, fill your Jiffy hand-held steamer with four oz of water. Moreover, plug withinside the steamer and convey it to complete steam. Additionally, turn off the steamer, unplug it and depart it to chill for 2 minutes. However, empty the water out of the steamer. Besides, grab your gloves (and mask/eye safety if wearing) earlier than managing the liquid cleanser as it’s miles acid based.

Therefore, pour in five oz of Jiffy Steamer Cleaning into the hand held steamer.

Besides, leave the steamer to take a seat down for 2 hours with the answer inside. However, do now no longer plug in, switch on or run the steamer. Moreover, after 2 hours, pour out the steamer answer and discard. Therefore, rinse the steamer with smooth sparkling water 3 times. Besides, make certain all the cleansing matters have been removed. Moreover, refill with water (preferably distilled water) and you’re geared up to steam again!

How to Get in Touch With Jiffy Steamers

However, if you need any type of enquiry then use the below number and email address.

Technical Support Phone Line: 1-800-525-4339 or 1-731-885-6690

Support Email: info@jiffysteamer.com

Sending Your Jiffy Steamer for a Service

Return your Jiffy Steamer to:

4462 Ken-Tenn Highway, Union City, Tennessee 38261 USA

Any carrier upkeep through Jiffy manufacturing unit technicians are blanketed through a 6 month warranty. I surprisingly propose contacting Jiffy at the telecellsmartphone quantity or e mail cope with above previous to sending your steamer again in for any reason. There will in all likelihood be go back transport prices that you’ll be wanting to pay.

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